• This data comes from pipes.yahoo.com but the Pipe does not exist or has been deleted.

  • Le modèle Aveugle / Blind Model

  • Le modèle Aveugle / Blind Model

  • Le modèle Aveugle / Blind Model

  • Le modèle Aveugle / Blind Model

  • Le modèle Aveugle / Blind Model

  • Le modèle Aveugle / Blind Model

  • Le modèle Aveugle / Blind Model

  • Le modèle Aveugle / Blind Model

  • Le modèle Aveugle / Blind Model

  • Le modèle Aveugle / Blind Model

  • The hand - First Person (porn) Shooter

  • The hand - First Person (porn) Shooter

  • Voyage d'affaire (Business trip) 3

  • Voyage d'affaire (Business trip) 2

  • This data comes from pipes.yahoo.com but the Pipe does not exist or has been deleted.

  • Laser vs. Stylo - Souvenirs de Museomix

  • Travail vs. Jardin - Souvenirs de Museomix

  • Électronique vs. Lingerie - Souvenirs de Museomix

  • Photographier ensemble avec #Orsaycommons à #monumenta 2011. Une sculpture vivante de photographes ! :-) Photo par Prisque Salvi

  • Étonnant motif / pattern #ux : le captcha… pour ouvrir un portail ! Vous devinez son usage ?

  • Anti-smoking cigarette pack, by Neil, during Switch On Switch Off at @futureverything #futr

  • Intolight at @futureverything #futr Sound capsules mapped onto a 3D mini-room. Wiimote actionned

  • Sneak Thief teach you how to steal… a candy! Be real slow, avoid the alarm At victoria bath Manchester #futr

  • -) #futr @futureverything

  •  1999' first episode (1975)

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where people turn their ideas into tangible creations. Results? They learn by doing, they understand the digital world better, and they develop new ways of working.

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  • @jlfwong from exp.: GameSalad have some very good, extensible, example programs. Context Free ones are too prowess-y @jeresig @SylvieTissot

  • @jlfwong all in all, a must have is strong example programs as effective as BASIC Computer Games was (a best seller) @jeresig @SylvieTissot

  • @jlfwong 3. but all in all, IDE seen as more suited for beginners that the simple Processing IDE (was a short test) @jeresig @SylvieTissot

  • @jlfwong 2. differences from Processing IDE (main loop if I remember well) surprising at first for adults knowing it @jeresig @SylvieTissot

  • @jlfwong quick feedback on Khan CS at @codinggouter 1. basic examples too basic/not fun. Needs specific ones @jeresig @SylvieTissot

  • @Calimaq @RemiMathis Thanks! Je suis trop atlantiste :-) On dirait que ça dit que la protection "anti-confusion" est perpétuelle.

  • 1er novembre: Community building pour les développeurs ! Construire une communauté autour de son code http://t.co/JX6tNRI0

  • @RemiMathis de mémoire, en plus, je crois que les titres échappent au droit d'auteur, dans le code. Dis @calimaq, toi qui sait tout… ;-)

  • RT @MayaMilky: Le #numérique au #musée en photo : ici une borne éteinte coincée entre un radiateur et deux vitrines #museeredpath http:/ ...

  • "There's things that don't directly relate to code. Like community. How do you build community around a code base?" http://t.co/ubJXLaPO

  • RT @_lunettesrouges: Pour prendre une photo pendant la visite presse de Hopper @GrandPalaisRmn , faire une demande en 7 exemplaires 15 j ...

  • Ouch! The "well know truths" of software engineering are… folk stories, lacking any data. Just finished @Morendil book https://t.co/hFAm5F6A

  • Sessions de Community Building pour les développeurs ! Ça vous intéresse ?http://t.co/JX6tNRI0 #opensource et #FLOSS bienvenus !

  • @jonathanperret (1024 shades of software)

  • @jonathanperret Dans tous les cas, mieux vaut libre et bazar, que propriétaire et cathédrale ;-)

web & digital creativity

Ce que les communautés créatives ouvertes tendent à oublier à propos des licences libres

Les licences libres existent pour protéger l’utilisateur final, et non les auteurs. Le droit d’auteur sur-protège déjà les auteurs.

Une bonne licence pour une communauté créative ouverte est une licence qui vise à protéger les utilisateurs *des* contributeurs, et non à protéger les contributeurs des utilisateurs.

Car, au bout du compte, celui qui a tous les pouvoirs, c’est l’auteur.

3 nouveaux types de profs qui ne donnent pas de cours (universités, écoles et masters)

La mission d’un prof est de donner un cours et de transmettre un savoir. Et non ! Voici 3 nouveaux genres de profs, observés in-vivo dans des écoles web. Ils ne donnent pas de cours !

Le Guide touristique
Nicolas Loubet à la WebSchoolFactory à ce rôle depuis quelques mois.

Quelles missions ? Il emmène les étudiants participer aux communautés professionnelles extérieures à l’école, de manière proactive.

What Open Creative Communities Tend To Forget About Free-Libre Licenses

Free licenses are here to protect the end users, not the authors. Copyright already over-protects the authors.

A good license for open creative communities is a license that aims to protect the users *from* the contributors, not to protect the contributors from the users.

Because, in the end, the one with all the power is the author.

By licensing work under a free-libre license, an author willingly chose to give a broad, permanent protection to the user against the author’s own rights.

You'll have to explain how your community works again and again and again…

(this post is adapted from the book Building an Open Community, chapter From Many to Massive.)People tend to apply organizational patterns they have seen working before.

That’s why they will first try to find the hierarchy and the leaders in your community using a traditional approach.

Très chers musées : cette semaine, vos utilisateurs remixent et bidouillent votre site web. Vous en dites quoi ?

Nous lançons aujourd’hui Responsive Museum Week avec Geoffrey Dorne, et avec tous ceux qui nous rejoignent.

Du 15 au 24 octobre 2012, remixez les sites des grands musées. Pour les rendre modernes, responsives, mobiles. Partagez vos css remixées avec tous les utilisateurs.

Du web design pour les utilisateurs, par les utilisateurs !

recent bookmarks

JavaScript console - for debugging JavaScript and remote debugging mobile web apps

"start remote debugging session by injecting JS Console in to any page (useful for mobile debugging)" "JSConsole from Remy Sharp is a great way to play with JavaScript in the browser, especially during live coding sessions"


"Use a Simperium library and write a few lines of code. Simperium can then move any JSON data across multiple versions of your app and your backend services."


"It is an online environment for interactively exploring programming languages. The name comes from the read-eval-print loop, the interactive toplevel used by languages like Lisp and Python."

performance art & new media art

The blind model, a photo session

Olavo's view of himselfThe blind model is a photo session in which the model can only see what the camera sees.

Gender Benders t-shirts : queer statements for casual portraits

After my first t-shirts series, here is another one that I am prototyping. This series play with the lexicon from gender studies and queer political movements. They created new words to identify old and new behaviors that weren’t named. I used this lexicon, making labels that would at first be perceived as oxymorons, social impossibility - or at least revealing something very odd about the wearer.

Debugging life : update on an open source readymade

There is not that much of life debuggers yet, just over fifty, but a couple of people already told me that the interface is oppressive, confusing. And that I don’t give enough information on the home page for people to understand the project, before they sign-in. It’s true, and I don’t want to avoid that!

Debugging life (re)launched, bug track life with me

Last year I worked on the development of a DVD Game title, in a small multimedia studio of around a dozen people.
One of the most fascinating tool that we used was a bug tracker. A bug tracking system is a resolution oriented project manager, with a very strong emphasis on ultra-communication through a web and e-mail based interface. Every single problem in the project is supposed to be filed, commented, revised, fixed, then closed.

Upside Down T-shirt motifs

I started to think about making T-shirt series some years ago. I had an intense rebound on that last year, with a lot of potential motifs and sketches. But I wasn’t sure about the way to print them. It was supposed to be limited editions, or better said, each T-shirt would be a one-off. Standard transfers do not look good enough. Silkscreening is not a light enough process to experiment. So… It was all postponed.

teams & companies